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Birdlocked : Male chastity belt

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Silicone 100% natural

Products manufactured in one piece.
No assembly between the cage and the ring for comfort and safety. No risk of pinching the skin in a blend of several elements that make up the cage.

7 holes to ensure ventilation of the skin to breathe

A triangular ring (not round like the other cages) to fully adopt the appearance of male scotum and help bring the cage over a long period.


This patented sheath, with its unique design, is produced using materials used in medical surgery, making it fully hypoallergenic, while its shape is perfectly suited to the male physique.

It is unbreakable but, in case of emergency, it may be cut with simple scissors. It is so comfortable you will tend to forget you are wearing a chastity device; thanks to its numerous air holes, you can wear the sheath every day, go to the bathroom, wash yourself, in perfect hygiene, without ever having to remove it. It is easy to put on but, once it is closed, it guarantees 100% security.

Technical specifications:

  • Highly tear-resistant
  • Unbreakable and will not get damaged
  • Contains no toxic material or heavy metals
  • Fully water-resistant
  • Highly resistant against chemical agents

Comfort and security:

  • Easy to put on (like a cockring). See under "Instructions"
  • No pain during nocturnal erections
  • 7 air holes, perfectly suited to wear it for extended periods
  • Both penis and sheath are easy to clean without having to remove the sheath
  • Hypoallergenic product which provokes no irritation, even over prolonged periods
  • The material may malleable, but its innovating locking mechanism stops the penis from leaving the sheath
  • No sheath deformation during erections (4-mm sheath thickness)
  • Once the proper ring setting has been found, removing the penis becomes impossible
  • Very discreet, even invisible under clothes
  • The strap may be cut easily if removal becomes urgent

Older models of chastity sheaths were difficult to wash and often uncomfortable; those made of plastic were fragile, representing significant risk to the wearer if they broke, and their closing mechanisms were often painful after several hours of use.

The new “Birdlocked” chastity sheath has all the advantages: it is both easy to wash and hypoallergenic. Its solid closing mechanism leaves the wearer in a flexible yet fully secure device, very comfortable to wear as it fits the male anatomy perfectly. The sheath may be crushed yet remain unbroken. And regardless of what you wear, it remains completely invisible under any clothes.

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Vue arrière et intérieure de la cage de chasteté

Its shape, which is perfectly suited to the male physique, makes the closing strap adaptable

Technical details::
Medical silicone
Comfortable 24/7



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Birdlocked : Phosphorescent chastity belts

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How does it work?

Phosphorescence is the phenomenon observed when matter continues to emit light once it has been illuminated. The reason is the continuous loss of energy through electrons which were excited by the light. The reason this happens slowly is due to quantum mechanics.

A phosphorescent Birdlocked placed under a light for 1 minute will emit light for some 12 hours.

Phosphorescent silicone emits no radioactivity, and involves no risk whatsoever despite entering into contact with the skin and genital area.


This information is no substitute for very necessary preliminary experiments intended to ascertain the product’s appropriateness for each.

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