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Birdlocked Neo : Male chastity cage


Birdlocked Neo - Version 2

No masturbation
No fondling
No infidelity

« NEO » is not only the latest model in our range of chastity cage BIRDLOCKED, but is also an innovative answer to client demand for a comfortable, naturally shaped apparatus that moulds itself around the lower stomach and penis.

A remarkable design, coupled with long experience in the production of chastity cage, makes NEO a one piece item with a very reliable locking system. Once the cage is in place it is impossible to remove it as the testicles are locked into the gap between the tube and the ring.

This completely revolutionary locking system means that « Neo » has the advantage of being able to adapt itself to people of all shapes and sizes.

The shape and the flexibility of the ring allow for easy insertion and increases comfort of use. Most devices are sold with a selection of rings but NEO's one piece design doesn't need any adjustment. One of the great innovations of this chastity device is the shape of the ring and the form of the tube which closes over the ring securing the device, thus, allowing it to fit all shapes and sizes.

The 'locked in' feeling generated by « NEO » offers unique possibilities, you can take part in sports and we can guarantee that your nights won't be disturbed by bouts of pain. « NEO » is light and hygienic thanks to its ventilation slots which allow the device to be cleaned.

This well thought out design allows you to remain chaste for long periods (24h/24 7d/7) ; naturally our chastity belts can be worn discreetly under clothes, urinating and showering present no problems. The anatomical shape of the cage adapts extremely well to body contours and intimate areas. This perfect formulation allows « NEO » to be worn permanently and discreetly under clothes. « NEO » is absolutely unbreakable as it is made from very resistant medical grade silicone. Its ease of use, its great comfort, its durability and its easy cleaning make this material ideal for chastity devices !

The chastity belt / penis cage « NEO » is ideal for maintaining chastity, offers protection from masturbation and tastefully stops the wearer from seeking solace elsewhere.

Included in the chastity kit « NEO »:

  • A carrying bag
  • A rust proof padlock with 2 keys
  • A strap with 1 closing rivet

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